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Imagine this...
You are walking into a dark room. You take your lighter out to see your way. Then you notice another flame from a single lighter. Then another and another. Suddenly you become aware that you are in a large stadium filled with other people holding the light to see their way. Now you notice that the entire space is totally illuminated and everyone can see the way, even those not holding the Light. Want to hold the Light? Click here.

Monday, November 30, 2009

First Target

We are sending our intention to Alva, Florida, for the blessing of the Medicine Wheel.

Lightworkers United Meditation

Anyone can be a Lightworker. If you want to make a positive difference in the world then you are holding light. Would you like to take this a step further? If so, we have a way for you to not only hold light, but to spread it throughout our world.

One person can make a difference, but one person cannot do it alone. Your simple 15 minute meditation, that you can do at any time you choose will be combined with others and can affect positive change in the world by the power of One.

In the aethers there is no time and space. We know that our focused intention can move mountains. Our focused intention of Love and Light can be stored in the aethers with the intention of it being released on the planet at a certain time and place. This can be your own meditation or you can click here to listen to the Lightworkers United Meditation.